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About Gravel

Gravel is a sustainable material and is a cheaper alternative to most driveway installations. There are choices of colour, size and type of gravel. Gravel can be used for driveways, garden paths and also inbetween flower beds and bedding plants. Gravel makes an attractive and interesting feature in a garden whether it is used for pathways or between plants, it can also help to keep the weeds at bay for a little longer.

Gravel is used for driveways and only requires a little maintenance from time to time. This is usually raking over the gravel, especially in well used areas. Gravel boards can be used in laying gravel drives, this helps keep the gravel in place and helps strengthen the area when vehicles are driving over it.</p> One of the reasons for having a gravel driveway or path is for security, if people are walking or driving over the area there is more chance of being heard.

Advantages - Gravel

The advantages of gravel:



Cheaper alternative to other driveway materials

Security - cars or people may be heard when coming up the drive

Low Maintenance

Choice of colours, shapes and styles

Also used for driveway bases

Gardening Uses:

For Garden Paths

Used in between flower beds


Decorative borders for paths, driveways, planting areas

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