Fencing & Walls

Construction and Renovation

Telford Driveway Company Limited

The Telford Driveway Company Ltd - Landscaping Services Available, we install fences and build walls

Fence Posts

We supply and install all types of fencing.

Fencing posts are essential components of any fence. Available in wood, concrete or metal, it is important to select posts of the appropriate material for your fence construction.

Wooden posts are suitable for timber fences, and may be treated for protection against moisture in the soil. 

Garden Walls

We build garden walls, lay the foundations, and can vary the design of each wall.

No matter what sort of wall you need for your garden, Telford Driveway Company will build it to specification with the best standards from our expert brick layers which have an excellent outlook on working out the height, design and style to suit your home.

Closeboard Fencing

New wooden fence installed with concrete posts and concrete boards.

Closeboard fencing involves sturdy timber fencing constructed from individual boards, ‘closeboard’ is one of those fencing terms you’ll hear again and again.

As the name suggests, there are no gaps in closeboard fencing, making it a perfect choice for privacy in a rear garden.

This type of fencing does offer more flexibility than panels if you needed to avoid established trees or plants. It can also be easily constructed on slopes without the need for ‘stepping’.

Advantages of this type of fencing:

  • Privacy
  • Property Borders
  • Decorative features
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance


Fencing Types

We offer panel and picket fencing.

Picket fencing is generally chosen for its decorative feel and homeliness.

Both types create a boundary for your property.

Whatever the fence type, the shape, the tops, we can also provide you with effective a garden gates.

Square trellis and diamond lattice are the perfect way to further enhance the appearance of your new fence.  

A trellis topped fence provides a delicate addition to your garden enabling plants to grow through it thus integrating the fence with the garden.

A trellis topped fence will add can add further security to your property without making the garden feel too enclosed.