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Patios are increasingly popular.  They provide an outside area for relaxing in or entertaining family and friends.  They are also seen as a way of keeping the garden to a more minimal maintenance for the landscape.

Patios can be created and built using a variety of materials, colours, shapes and sizes.

There are many advantages that a patio can offer a homeowner, all of which contribute both to the quality of the home as well as the quality of life.

Benefits of Patios

One common advantage of having a patio is that it is a place to unwind; allowing one to enjoy the fresh air in the spring or summer.


Another added advantage of installing a patio to your home is that it offers an excellent place to entertain family and friends, especially if the house is a little small so the patio opens up the garden as an extra base.

Depending upon the present value of your home, adding a patio can considerably boost the valuation of your property. 



The primary purpose of walkways is to give a sturdy surface to high traffic areas.  Without a walkway surface, foot traffic would erode the ground and eventually leave a path of dirt or mud.


Benefits of Pathways

Define a border

​Direct foot traffic in a preferred direction

Add visual interest to the landscape

Draw people into a garden or landscape

Introduce a hardscape material into a garden

Materials for Pathways

For your back garden, you could choose from a wide range of materials. Block paving is a common material which is chosen as it provides a long lasting and sturdy pathway.

Gravel is also common as it offers a decorative and attractive atmosphere and look to your garden. 

Gravel path with pave edgings and decorative concrete shells to finish




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